Meinzer&Moray Investment is a leading company in the design and operation of financial investment products.

Meinzer&Moray was born more than 70 years ago as a small family business unit to manage the familiar patrimony in the agricultural and livestock business that has been passed on from generation to generation.Since 2006 the company decided to go global and enter international markets in search of profitable assets with a team that seeks success through ethical values, business solvency, transparency and commitment to the community and the new generations.

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Meinzer&Moray is a leading company in the sector of development, construction and project creation of photovoltaic solar plants in Europe and Latin America. We offer our investment partners a viable solution for their energy needs, always respecting sustainability and the environment. Meinzer&Moray is also a leader in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic solar plants for the group itself, with a vocation to act as an "Independent Power Producer".

The M&M team has a combined experience of more than 3.5 GW of power, with an investment of more than 5 billion US dollars.

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Meinzer & Moray leads the real estate market in 5 European countries and 2 in Latin America. Every year we open new markets, always in constant evolution and following the dynamic of hard work that has always characterized us.

Our team is growing at a good pace and our agents are looking a close interaction and personal treatment with each and every one of our clients, from small-medium companies to large investment groups. Those who know us prefer us and as a result we have achieved a growth of 14% in the last year.

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Meinzer&Moray's corporate purpose is the acquisition and development of urban real estate assets for lease as well as the improvement of returns for shareholders.

The development of hotel chains has been the company's most important business line for the last 8 years, where we have focused all our efforts, creating a strategy based on the creation of a balanced portfolio of urban and vacation assets, leased to the most appropriate operators for each asset.

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