In emerging markets and declining economies, real estate remains an essential asset for companies of all sizes and in all industries.

Meinzer&Moray Real Estate division manages assets throughout Europe and Latin America and represents real estate investors, developers and financial institutions as well as companies and other businesses for whom real estate is a major concern.

Our priority is the creation of value from the right balance of integrated real estate development management and the exploitation of commercial building assets for rent, guaranteeing adequate returns on the investments we make

Meinzer&Moray develops the real estate business based on the constitution of vehicles and rental platforms with a balanced investment structure and capital and debt ratio, guaranteeing an adequate balance of risk and assurance of return on the operation, attractive, secure and adjusted to the investment profile.

The reach of this area covers from capital raising, the identification of assets in both Greenfield and Brownfield, the integral development of the real estate promotion and the exploitation of the assets with an offer of value added services to the tenant.

Few firms have the level of local and regional expertise in land use that Meinzer&Moray has, leaders in the development of projects in nearly 500 municipalities, including more than 100 in process from Panama, Chile to Spain, United Kingdom and Switzerland.
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«The best investment in Earth, is earth»


To design, build and commercialize real estate for business and industrial use, according to the expectations of our clients and the generation of value, while fulfilling our demands for profitability, through the highest standards of quality, creativity and social responsibility.



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